About us

In 2001 I decided to study animal aromatherapy and become a GEOTA (Guild of Essential Oil Therapists for Animals) Qualified Therapist and enrolled on their first diploma course and qualified in 2002.

During this time, my own horse Mandela suffered a particularly bad bout of Mud Fever which included swelling and infection around all fetlocks.  I made a gel using Aloe Vera and essential oils to see if it could help the condition.  After 4-5 days of application there was a vast improvement, all the swelling had gone and the scabs were being replaced with healthy skin re-growth.  At this time, several of my friends’ horses were also afflicted with mud fever and they asked if I could make some gel for them to use.  As I had decided to use Mud Fever as a chosen case study assignment I agreed to provide them with the gel for the cost of the ingredients.  All of my friends’ horses had the same benefits as Mandela and recovered from the symptoms and had healthy skin and hair re-growth within 7-10 days.

Since then, I have provided pots of gel for several friends over the years and they have all used it regularly on cuts and mud fever with great results.

So now WELL GEL is available for you to buy.

Two years ago, I bought my second horse, Meyer.  He is a typical chestnut with sensitive skin.  This year he suffered a terrible skin condition which vets attributed to a severe allergic reaction which did not respond to steroid treatment.  Meyer was covered in huge spots and lumps which were hot and continued for 3 months.  During this time some of the spots turned scabby and weepy so I applied another gel which helped the spots to dry up and hair re-growth was achieved.  Considering how sensitive Meyer is I feel that he is a great example to prove the unlikelihood of an adverse reaction to the application.  The gel I used on Meyer did not contain Tea Tree but it still has similar benefits when used on bumps and scrapes and is SIMPLY WELL GEL.