Welcome to Well Gel Products 1st Edition Newsletter

Firstly, I would personally like to thank all our customers for supporting us throughout the Covid19 lock-down and hope that you will continue to visit our website to buy your favourite products and collect Well Gel Loyalty Points to gain your £5 discount vouchers.

We are constantly being asked for bigger bottles of the top selling Mane Event – our response to this is here….500g Mane Event Refill which comes with a screw top aluminium lid, saving on the environmental impact of the product, and one of our recyclable bottles – our labels are super easy to remove too so no excuses not to recycle! This great new addition to our range is available now at



We are also working on a recipe for an aloe based hoof gel which has some great research done by the University of Nottingham and published in a Farmer’s Weekly edition By Kim Dyson published February 5,2016 which shows improved hoof growth during the summer season using aloe vera gel. We hope to have the product ready to launch by 1st July exclusively for sale on our website for our loyal customers. The hoof gel will also contain carrot seed oil, which is also the oil added to the Mane Event that helps you all get such good regrowth results, so combined with other essential oils and the aloe gel this should prove to be a big hit for hooves too ;D

We know that some customers do not use social media and this is why we thought a newsletter may be useful for you all. Obviously those of you using Facebook and Instagram have seen the lock-down offer that we have been running giving you a 20% discount on our site. This offer has now ended but we are now implementing Free Postage to all UK/Northern Ireland customers on all orders under 2KGs The Free Postage offer will come into effect on 1st June 2020 and run until further notice.

We are always looking at ways to engage with our customers so please feel free to contact us on the website or through messenger on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We hope you approve of the changes outlined above and look forward to hearing from you with any ideas/requests that we may be able to help with. I would just like to add, that I am always here to help and am happy to make bespoke products for your animals should any of our current products not fit the brief. Stay Safe everyone. Jane Acuta