Soothe It from Well Gel 480gBottle

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An aloe vera gel containing 4 essential oils to soothe itchy, irritated skin.

Usage: Simply pump the gel into hands and apply to affected area for an instant soothing action. May also aid the skin’s natural healing process and promote healthy skin and hair regrowth.

Contains: aloe vera gel, tea tree, lavender, roman chamomile and achillea millifolium 480g bottle use within 6 months of first application. None of the ingredients appear on the FEI banned substance list.  Hand made in the U.K.

1 review for Soothe It from Well Gel 480gBottle

  1. Fay Webb

    Been using this product for a couple of months, my pony has sweet itch and I’ve been using soothe it on his mane and tail 2 or 3 times a week, he also wears a sweet itch rug 24/7. Because it’s natural and cooling he loves having it applied, the products I used before had lots of chemicals in and think they hurt when applied as he’d always protest at having them put on but now he realises we use soothe it he stands stock still and loves it. His mane and tail look great for the first time ever in the summer! It smells amazing too. Can 100% recommend.

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